"Making sure that all of the moving parts for every event are just right takes a combination of experience and very organized planning. By managing the expected, we're always ready for the unexpected."

~ Suzanne Baugh - CEO
Q&A Events

While each event we produce is unique, there is a core structure that guides the event planning process. This structure helps organize requirements, identify areas that may need special attention and helps us develop a detailed master plan for each event.

Initial Discovery
This is the first step where we have an in-depth meeting with the client to learn about their event objectives and known requirements.

Needs Assessment
While many clients are interested in comprehensive services others will get help for isolated parts of their event. We work with clients to identify the areas of the program that they need assistance with. These determinations are often contingent on the budget and staff the client has assigned to the program.

Proposal Development
With clearly indentified budgets, specific objectives and primary event information, we construct a proposal that details the specific deliverables and pricing for Q&A Events services. Each proposal includes a general overview of how we would approach the project as well as an outline of deliverables that have been ascertained via the initial discovery and needs assessment process.

Once we have a contract in place we provide a high level plan to manage the creative development, logistics and execution.. Additionally, we setup a planning process that includes preferred communication channels, decision schedules and progress points. This enables us to begin work on individual program elements.

Proper event planning ensures flawless execution. We have contingencies where required, we have staff trained and we’ve got vendors buttoned up. We’re ready.